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OCT 1 - 29   LOVE PEACE HARMONY WORLD FAMILY. Every Thursday, 7 - 9 pm. Love offering. Everyone wants love, peace, and harmony. Join us to learn how to use soul power to create love, peace, and harmony for yourself, your family, your community, and all humanity. Master Sha’s Soul Healing Centre Toronto. (416) 609-2777.

OCT 1 - 30   SACRED MEDITATION ROOM. Thursdays and Fridays only, by appointment. $50 for 30 minutes, group rates available. One of the most powerful environments on Earth for healing the body, mind, heart, and soul for inner joy and peace. Receive a complimentary 10-minute ”taste” in our miracle soul healing events. Master Sha’s Soul Healing Centre Toronto. (416) 609-2777.

OCT 1 - 31   ORGANIC JUICE FASTING, WEIGHT LOSS, Yoga & Detox - 3, 5, 7, & 10-day programs (including November, December 2015 & January, February 2016). This is The Fountain of Youth for improved health and vitality,, (613) 395-6332, Mano, See ad in Vitality magazine on pg. 107.

OCT 2   THE JOY OF CHANTING, 6:30 - 8 pm, followed by tea & socializing. Delightful nourishment for your heart & soul. $15. RSVP: (416) 469-2033,

OCT 3   LIVELY LAUGHTER YOGA “FUNSHOP.” Join this amazing day full of play, upliftment, & learning with a master laugher!, (416) 469-2033.

OCT 3 - 31   EXPERIENCE MIRACLE SOUL HEALING BLESSINGS. Every Wednesday evening, 7 - 9 pm and every Saturday morning, 10 am - 12 pm. Love offering. Learn practical techniques to restore your health, relieve chronic pain, balance emotions, transform relationships, and more. You could be chosen for a miracle soul healing demo! Master Sha’s Soul Healing Centre Toronto. (416) 609-2777.

OCT 7   HEALING CIRCLE. 7:30 - 9:30 pm. Marlene George: (905) 796-0101,

OCT 7, 14, 21, 28   LIVELY LAUGHTER CLASSES, 6:30 - 7:30 pm. A fun way to release stress. Join us! 662 Pape Ave., Toronto.,, (416) 469-2033.

OCT 8   SINGLE NATURE LOVERS WANTED! (Oct. 8 - Feb. 14, 2016). Get 6 Free walks, Free Gift Certificates & Free $50 massage Gift with Membership! 99% singles, couples, groups, clubs, tourists welcome. Justice for Victims Walk ­­– May 19, 2016. Just show up! See, or our ad in Vitality magazine on page 107. Call Christa at (416) 484-9255 for meeting details. A Stroll in The Park©. 

OCT 9   LIVE LIFE LAUGHING:, (416) 225-5655.

OCT 14   NETWORK FOR SUCCESS. 10 - 11:30 am. Marlene George: (905) 796-0101,

OCT 15   HOW TO TAME THE INNER CRITIC & FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF - Intro. Workshop: 6:30 - 9:30 pm., (416) 469-2033.

OCT 16   FREE CONCERT: SONGS OF THE SOUL. International musical ensembles perform soulful and dynamic arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s music. St. Michael’s College Theatre, 7:30 pm, 1515 Bathurst St. Reserve free tickets: (647) 748-8513 or

OCT 17   REIKI 11. 9 am - 4 pm. Marlene George: (905) 796-0101,

OCT 17 - 18   SHAMANISM WORKSHOP IN SUDBURY offered by The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Join Glenn Campbell for a Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism. For more info or registration: (905) 430-4953,, or see ad in Vitality magazine on page 91.

OCT 17 - 18   INDIGENOUS WISDOM AND CANCER. Gain insight into the nature and spirit of cancer. Receive a healing to bring your heart to a place of acceptance. Receive a list of healing practices to encourage self-empowerment and health. Contact:, (647) 930-1832,

OCT 18   MARKHAM ANNUAL HEALTH & WELLNESS EXPO: Free event. Markham Civic Centre, 101 Town Centre Blvd., 11 am - 3 pm. Contact: Marlene Traille or Herfa Shaw (905) 

OCT 21   INTRODUCTION TO MINDFULNESS MEDITATION, 7-week program, Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8:30 pm, $175, 88 Prince Arthur Ave. For info & registration contact: Marsha Stonehouse, (416) 835-6003, 

OCT 22   REIKI PRACTICE GROUP. 7 - 9 pm. Marlene George: (905) 796-0101,

OCT 23 - 25   CANADIAN HYPNOSIS CONFERENCE: A Rejuvenating spa for the mind! Not just for hypnotists. Many alternative classes available. New! Design Your Own Program: Pay by the hour, day or conference. Burlington Holiday Inn and Conference Centre,

OCT 23 - 25   ANIMAL TOTEMS RETREAT: Avalon Retreat Centre. According to Seneca tradition, we each have 9 animal totems on the Earth Walk that reflect our unique and personal medicine. Each totem represents specific characteristics of the self that can be charted on the Medicine Wheel. These totems illuminate our individual gifts and how they relate to our environment. Join us for a transformative and creative retreat. (416) 588-4503,, (613) 757-1539,,

OCT 24   ECO-CONSCIOUS LIVING: Create Your Own Plan! Learn essential principles, how to live & build with ecological awareness, micro & macro systems, carbon footprints, simple living & living small. Start living your Self-Sufficient Dream! Ingrid Cryns: (866) 888-7662,,

OCT 24   REIKI I CERTIFICATION. Learn to treat yourself & others. Includes Principles of Healing, centering, chakras, endocrine glands & more. Illustrated Workbook. Virginia Hart Nelson, 21 yrs. experience. (416) 960-1690,,

OCT 24 - 25   V TORONTO SPIRITIST WEEKEND is a biennial event since 2007. This year’s theme is “Integrative Care in Medical Practice,” a link between science and spirituality. Guest speakers are: Brazilian neuroscientist Dr. Sérgio Felipe de Oliveira, and PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner Ms. Linda Marlene Eales. For more information, please visit

OCT 24 - 25   TOUCH FOR HEALTH - LEVEL 1: This modern healing system, taught in 4 levels, uses muscle testing & integrating traditional modalities based on Chinese meridian theory & the 5 Elements. Presented by Georgio Trimarchi of Innergetics Natural Therapy Clinic. No experience necessary! For more information:,, (905) 738-6303, ext. 51, clinic.

OCT 24 - 25   MEDICAL CHI GONG CONFERENCE with Master Teresa Yeung and her Masterminds. Learn and practice many exciting Chi Gong forms, which are seldomly taught: Respiratory Chi Gong; Money Magnet Chi Gong; Heart Chi Gong; Dental Chi Gong; Head/Neck/Shoulder Chi Gong. Featured speakers include: Dr. Elvis Ali, Naturopathic Doctor and Dave Watson, Life Strategist. Also pre-conference and after-conference workshops. For information:

OCT 24 - 25   LEARN ANIMAL COMMUNICATION WITH CAROLINE LEROUX! Beginner’s Workshop in Toronto. For information/registration: Workshop Coordinator Benjamin: (647) 283-3995.

OCT 25   DISCOVER YOUR INNER HEALER. 9 am - 4 pm. Marlene George: (905) 796-0101,

OCT 25   NATURAL BUILDING DESIGN: New or Retrofit. Learn Healthy, Energy-Efficient, Natural Building & Passive Solar design basics. Discover the best eco-authentic, non-toxic building materials & systems to consider, including how to draft your own design. Ingrid Cryns: (866) 888-7662,,

OCT 26   RELATIONSHIPS. 7:30 - 9 pm. Marlene George: (905) 796-0101,

OCT 29   CANCER-PROOF YOUR HOME & BODY SEMINAR: Understanding detoxification and the impact of your environment on cancer development, 7 - 8:30 pm, Beach United Church. Join Naturopathic physician Dr. Paul Hrkal, ND as he takes you on a tour of your house to explore the various potentially toxic and hazardous products that could be contributing to your cancer risk. RSVP: Visit Hooper’s Pharmacy, 2136 Queen St. Call (416) 699-3747; email

OCT 30 - NOV 1   GTA FALL PSYCHIC FAIR: Canada’s mega psychic event of the year returns to the International Centre for 3 amazing days. Event runs until Nov. 1. For details and VIP discount coupon info, go to

OCT 31   REIKI II CERTIFICATION. Learn more potent healing applications, including Symbols, long-distance healing. Illustrated Workbook. Virginia Hart Nelson, 21 years experience. (416) 960-1690,,


NOV 4   HEALING CIRCLE. 7:30 - 9 pm. Marlene George: (905) 796-0101,

NOV 6 - 8   DIVINE HEALING HANDS CERTIFICATION TRAINING WORKSHOP. Friday - Sunday, 10 am - 8 pm. Become a powerful Divine Soul Healer to self-heal and help others transform health, emotions, relationships, and finances. Complements and augments all healing modalities. Contact us to learn more. Master Sha’s Soul Healing Centre Toronto. (416) 609-2777.

NOV 7 - 8   LAUGHTER YOGA TRAINING & CERTIFICATION. Spread joy - Eliminate stress - Change lives… while laughing! More dates + register here:, (416) 469-2033.

NOV 14   DISCOVERING YOUR INNER COMPASS: Dance Workshop To Help You Hear The Wisdom of Your Body, 1 - 4:30 pm, $125, Toronto. No experience required. For women ages 14 - 104. Register: or call (416) 888-0683.

NOV 14 - 15   SHAMANISM WORKSHOP IN WINDSOR offered by The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Join Glenn Campbell for a Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism. For more info or registration: (905) 430-4953,, or see ad in Vitality magazine on page 91.

NOV 20 - 22   THE WISDOM OF ENERGY MEDICINE – A Two-Day Training Session and Practicum: Toronto. Shamanic Soul-Based Energy Medicine pioneers the bridge between ancient tribal teachings and contemporary counselling practices. Working with an established Energy Medicine protocol, we will support Practitioners in developing their natural gifts of birth. Building on a strong energetic foundation, students will practice Soul-Based Energy Medicine techniques with an Energy Psychology mind/body emphasis. (416) 588-4503,, (613) 757-1539,,

NOV 20 - 22   ESSENTIAL TECHNIQUES FOR LETTING GO OF THE PAST – Level 1 Practitioner Training. Learn to expertly help resolve chronic anger, guilt, regret. Surprising, rewarding, fulfilling! Claim your spot: (416) 469-2033,

NOV 21   REIKI I CERTIFICATION. For details, see Oct. 24 listing. Virginia Hart Nelson: (416) 960-1690,

NOV 21   CULTIVATING CONSCIOUSNESS: Deepen your Soul Self. Beginning with a cultivated curiosity, learn to nurture a deeper sense of yourself with greater self-responsibility, allowing you to create your preferred reality, sustainably. Ingrid Cryns: (866) 888-7662,,

NOV 21 - 22   HEALING GRIEF AND LOSS with Indigenous Medicine. Learn the ways of heart medicine in healing broken, lonely, searching and grieving hearts. Begin to listen to the voice of your spirit and receive insight on how to begin walking a new path. Please contact:, call (647) 930-1832 or visit

NOV 22   BODY, MIND & SOUL: Integrate Your Body with your own Soul Language. Create the world you deeply desire. Explore body-felt sense awareness to energetic & non-physical awareness. Ingrid Cryns: (866) 888-7662,,

NOV 27, 28, 29   WHOLE LIFE EXPO – Canada’s largest showcase of natural health and green living returns to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for three days of fun, food, and new discoveries. This year we bring you our biggest show ever, with hundreds of exhibits and 90+ lectures, all included in your weekend pass. Don’t Miss this event. 3-Day Lecture Pass, $15. 3-Day Exhibit Hall pass, $10 (admits two), all weekend. Keep an eye on for new developments as they happen. For Exhibitor inquiries, please leave a message on the Expo hotline at (416) 515-1330.

NOV 28   LEARNING TO MOVE FORWARD. 9 am - 5 pm. Marlene George: (905) 796-0101, 

NOV 28   REIKI II CERTIFICATION. For details, see Oct. 31 listing. Virginia Hart Nelson: (416) 960-1690,

NOV 29   DR. ROLAND JENTSCHURA SEMINAR: Alkaline Wellness Coach Certification. Toronto, 10 am - 2 pm, $99 plus HST (includes alkaline snacks/drinks, seminar materials and gift bag). Early bird rate is $89. To register: or call toll-free 1-866-722-9812.


APR 24 - MAY 1   SURRENDER TO LOVE: BALI 2016. A delicious, sacred, rhythmic retreat for women., (416) 888-0683.


THE AYURVEDA SPA SPECIALIST Student Clinic offers Indian head Massage, Ayurveda Facials, Abhyanga massage at reduced prices. 1081 Bathurst St. See: or email: for details.

A COURSE IN MIRACLES: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm; Sundays at 10:30 am. 6 St. Joseph St. Alan Bryce: (416) 723-2870,